Coolblue Blueprint

Blueprint To the letter

Feast your eyes on this: the Coolblue Blueprint. A guidebook for everyone who speaks for Coolblue. Think phone calls, buying products, or sending out emails, invoices, and packages.

Who’s the Blueprint meant for?

This Blueprint is meant for everyone who works with the Coolblue brand. That includes you. Because with every e-mail, conversation, invoice, or package—you are contributing to the identity of Coolblue.

Manifesto Once upon a time

Coolblue started out as a group of friends. Now, it’s one of the fastest-growing e-tailers in the Benelux region.

All about our manifesto
Branding Coloring inside the lines

A brand identity is more than just a logo. Our distinctive brand makes sure that we’re recognizable.

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Header digital
Digital Screen time

This is the Coolblue’s Design System for products and digital experiences. Think about also banners, social and emails newsletters.

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